Founder of a Dynasty

Mohamed Ali


It can be considered as an era of rebirth, progress and independence in that Nation´s history. Mohammed Ali Pasha, the founder of the dynasty of the same name was, born in 1769 in Kavala,

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Then & Now

Attention on the dramatic changes of things over time

The Genealogy

Focus on the Genealogy of Mohamed Ali

The Father of Egypt

Why Mohamed Ali called "The Father of modern Egypt"


The structure of the Royal Institute Mohamed Ali


The Institute

The Royal Institute Mohammed Ali was established with a charitable, academic and cultural mandate.

The Chairman of the Royal Institute, HRH Prince Osman Rifat Ibrahim, is the last prince of the senior branch of the Mohamed Ali Dynasty, son of HRH Prince Amr Ibrahim of Egypt and of Princess Necla Hibetallah Sultan of Turkey, granddaughter of both the last Ottoman Caliph Abdulmedjid II and the last Ottoman Sultan Mehmet VI.


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Welcome to a brief glimpse at the life of Mohamed Ali Pasha, an outstanding personality in the dynamic history of the early 19th Century.