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Introducing a new chapter in Heraldry and Genetics combined:

Your Hieroglyphic Genetic Heraldry ©, (i.e., your Haplogroup Coat of Arms) 

issued by the Royal Institute of Genetic Heraldry


DNA technology has revealed a deep knowledge of the lineages of our most distant ancestors and the geographies of their migratory routes taken many centuries ago.

With your genomic laboratory results, these ancient (patrilineal/matrilineal) lineages can now depict you and your distant ancestors in the Phylogenetic Tree of Humanity. Genomic lab results include Haplogroups which are expressed in letters and numbers (i.e., haplogroups R1a, E1b1b, W1, H6, etc.)

Beyond having a genetic identity with a coded number, you also have the option of appreciating a visual/artistic redemption of your ancient ancestors with Haplo-family Heraldry, which can be passed onto future generations and displayed with pride as an Official Royal Heraldic crest.

Ancient languages (such as Latin and Greek) are used today in sciences and other disciplines. In the same manner, the Royal Institute of Genetic Heraldry project formulates individual Genetic Coat of Arms, encoded with Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs derived from your own alphanumeric haplogroups.

As a result, this Genetic Heraldry Honor can now be issued to any member appreciating the intellectual value of Deep Ancestry lineages expressed inHieroglyphic Coat of Arms, bestowed as a Historical Continuum from Antiquity, and issued today by a member of the Royal House of Egypt, displayed hereunder as examples:

With your contribution, you will receive a parchment with your Genetic Heraldic Coat of Arms, stamped and signed by HRH Prince Osman Ibrahim with a Royal Institute Medal and an option of a signet ring, bearing the insignia of the Royal Institute, a memorable Royal heirloom. 

Link here: Royal Institute of Genetic Heraldry – Royal Institute Mohamed Ali (royalinstitutema.eu) 

The Royal Medal of Merit (RMM)

With the sudden rise of global health issues, a new awareness has emerged, embodying the noble virtue of supporting our fellow human in need.

In this context, the Royal Institute Mohamed Ali & the Fundación Centro Mediterraneo Principe Osman, have jointly decided to make a Dynastic honor available, namely, the Royal Medal of Merit (with the postnominal RMM), in order to honor the Sponsors who support the Foundation’s medical & health projects around the world.

For more information on how you can support this noble undertaking, please contact us here:  royalinstitutema@gmail.com

The Royal Institute Mohamed Ali  Medal – (RIMA)

Established in 1991, the RIMA medal is awarded to those who have contributed to the projects of the Institute, the Foundation and to those who have contributed to the spirit of the Royal Organizations, such as artists, scholars, academia & researchers. 

For more information on how you can support this noble undertaking, please contact us here:  royalinstitutema@gmail.com

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